Back Cushion

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  • Baby Wedge
    The Doctors sloped positioner enables the upper part of the baby's body to be raised while he is sleeping (angle of 15).
    This position is recommended by many pediatricians as it aids both breathing and digestion. The sloped positioner is recommended in cases where the baby tends to regurgitate, has an ear infection, a cold or another respiratory infection. It can be placed on or under the sheet.
    The Doctors sloped positioner- large model - can be used to ensure that the baby remains in position.

    - Promotes breathing and digestion.
    - Can be placed on or under the mattress.
    - Compatible with the delta baby back positioner.
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  • Bed Wedge Foam Cushion


    • This bed wedge elevates and supports the upper body, allows easier breathing and digestion.
    • Perfect for reading in bed, sleeping, or simply relaxing in an elevated position.
    • Can be used on the bed, couch or floor 
    Weight: 2.00Kg
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  • Reading Pillow
    • 100% polyester fill bedrest pillow.
    • Bedrest works well on the bed or on the floor.
    • Mainstays bedrest is very soft and comfortable.
    • Use it for reading in bed or by the couch.
    • Comfortable for sitting up to watch your favorite television show or movie.
    • Firm enough to support for your back.
    • Has a stylish design to enhance your decor.
    • Comes with 2 arms for even more comfort.
    • Covered with a plush, luxurious, soft cover and filled with premium fill that contours to your body for the perfect amount of support, our Reading pillow will embrace you like a warm hug and keep you from slouching while using your laptop in bed or playing video games on the floor! Easily carry the reading pillow to another room with the convenient carrying handle so you never have to compromise on comfort.
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  • Inflatable Back Cushion

    Size: 40*30*7CM

    Weight: 0.2kgs

    Material: PVC with Foam inside
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  • Memory Foam Adjustable Back Support
    • Lumbar support back pillow helps you maintain good posture and the spine's natural curve.
    •  Our chair back support pillow is made from premium memory foam that never flattens out, keeping proper firmness for ultimate back support 
    • An ergonomic design of our back support pillow for chair improves posture and blood flow, prevents muscle fatigue & back tightness, as well as upper, mid, and lower back pain.
    • The adjustable straps keep the lumbar pillow at the exact angle and height needed, providing optimal lumbar support and effectively educing back, neck, shoulder pressure, and pain.
    • Use our office gadgets as a chair pillow, lumbar support office chair, and a lumbar support pillow for car, home, & even wheelchair.
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  • Wheelchair Lumbar Back Cushion
    • Curved profile fits natural back contours.
    • Nylon straps securely position cushion to wheelchair.
    • Designed to reduce lower back pain and muscle tension while seated for prolonged periods of time.
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  • Back Lumber Rest
    • Well-functioning ergonomic design, which can disperse pressure and offer support.
    • Ergonomic design good for air circulation.
    • Material: Best Absorb foam + Breathable Cover
    • Spine Supportive, Comfortable and High Quality
    • Promotes Good Posture.
    • Heat Responsive 
    • Provide Lumbar Support
    • Comfort All Day
    Product Size:
    42*33*12 cm

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  • Back Posture Corrector Curble
    Curble Chair is designed for office workers and students who spend most of the time sitting on a chair to keep a good posture even on a couch or a bed and have a healthy spine line.

    Your coccyx is lifted naturally to disperse the pressure on the spine and correct the core muscles on your body.
    Curble Chair’s bottom surface is raised up by 14 degrees, making your body lean forward naturally in a sitting position. At this moment, Curble Chair’s support pushes your waist naturally to make a correct posture.
    Air hallway system and fabric pattern makes body heat and sweat circulate smoothly to stay cool for a long time
    Curble Chair naturally brings hips together to disperse the pressure concentrated on the waist to allow users to sit comfortably for longer.
    Sophisticated supporter made of highly elastic material pushes the L-spine naturally by the leverage effect to make a correct posture.

    - Place Curble Chair 5~10cm apart on the back of a chair.
    - Hold Curble Chair with your hands and sit your hips into the end of the Curble Chair.
    - Curble Chair naturally pushes your back and makes a right posture.
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  • Back Cushion Spinal Memory Foam


    • It provides maximum comfort and proper support for your high and lower back
    • Helps alleviate backaches and improve posture
    • Elastic strap holds cushion in place
    • Ergonomically contoured shape
    • Works well in conjunction with the Seat Cushion 
    • Removable, washable, allergen-resistant  cover: 100% polyester 


    55*45*10 cm

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