Bolster Cushion

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  • Large Full Round Bolster

    Ф9" X 25" (Ф22cm X 63cm)

    Key Features:
    • Easy-to-clean PU upholstering and foam filling provide superior comfort and support for your clients. 
    • Place it under the knees, ankles or lower abdomen to relieve tension. 
    • Bolster features a zippered outer case and strap handle.
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  • EVA Foam Roller
    Material: EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
    Size: 6"(diameter) x 36" 
    Color: Blue

    The longest lasting roller used in gyms, studios and training facilities. 
    The size is ideal for Pilates, full body rolling and spin and shoulder alignment.
    Vinyl covered EVA roller is ideal for for great volume gyms where multiple people are using the roller. The vinyl easily wipes clean as to eliminate the spread of germs and sweat and protects the roller from nicks, cuts, scrapes, and dirt. 
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  • Cloud Soft Round Bolster

    Key Features:

    Ф8" X 28" (Ф20cm X 71cm)
    This ultra-spongy bolster is upholstered in easy-to-clean PU vinyl and filled plush polyfill to provide your clients with the utmost support and comfort.
    Place it under the knees, pelvis,ankles or even shoulders for easyrelief of tension.

    Color: Navy Blue

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  • Bolster Neck Contour
    A foam filled bolster that provide extra support and comfort, and also helps to relieve muscle strain.
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