Caliper - Body Fat Measurement

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  • Caliper
    This Caliper features a 20 inch maximum scale that reads in both inches and centimeters. The Caliper measures the breadth of the chest, shoulders, or pelvis.
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  • Scale Digital Body Fat Composition Omron
    • Body fat percentage and BMI calculation
    • Visceral fat classification, skeletal muscle percentage classification, resting metabolism
    • Weight can be measured in pounds or kilograms (up to a weight of 150 kg / 330 lbs)
    • 8-Sensor technology using both hands and feet for an entire body measurement
    • Family model with measurement from six years onwards (with exception of visceral fat and skeletal muscle classification: 18-80 years)
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  • Measurement Tape BMI
    The anatomical tape is color coded from green to red to reflect the increased Cardivascular disease risk that is associated with higher waist measurement. The automatically retracting tape measure has a female scale om one side and a male scale on the other side. On the front of the tape is a body mass index (BMI) wheel that allows instant calculation of this CV disease risk factor without the need of the calculator. 

    Round shape 
    Tape size: length: 1.5m , width: 1.5cm
    Material: ABS, PVC 
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  • MyoTape Body Fat Tracker
    • Fat Caliper Measure Body Fat
    • Fat Caliper comes with Body Percentage Fat Chart
    • Push-button retraction and locking feature ensure snug measurement and superior accurac
    • Sturdy vinyl tape makes it long lasting. Simple to use.
    • Myotape Measures up to 60 inches in length
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  • Caliper Plastic
    Calipers skinfold graduated from 0-50 mm.
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  • Scale Digital Body Fat Composition Medisana

    High-grade stainless steel electrodes

    • Measurement of weight, body fat, body water and muscle mass
    • Maximal load capacity: 180 kg
    • Integrated calorie requirement
    • Four high-precision sensors for accurate measurements
    • 8 mm thick safety glass
    • Convenient „step-on“ switch
    • Automatic switch-off after 8 seconds
    • High-quality stainless steel electrodes
    • 10 memory spaces
    • Toggles between kg, lb and st
    • Graduation: 100g
    • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
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