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Neck Traction Device

Over the Door Neck Traction Devices are a simple way of treating your neck from neck arthritis herniated/bulging disc in the neck, neck strains and cervical muscle spasms. 
Before using your over-the-door traction device, speak with your physical therapist or doctor to ensure that neck traction is a safe treatment for you. 
Over-the-door traction units come with 3 main parts: a hook-and-pulley component that hangs over your door, a nylon cord that's fed through the pulley, a water bag that hangs on the end of the cord to provide traction force, and a harness to wear on your head. The harness attaches to the end of the nylon cord that is opposite to the weighted water bag. 
Before using your traction unit, you must hang it over your door. There is a small hook with a pulley attached to it that hangs on your door; secure it to the top of your door and close the door.
Next, attach the harness to your head. The chin strap fit snugly under your chin, and it should be secured by the hook and loop fasteners. The two straps with the metal grommets should be on either side of your head; these metal rings should be hooked to the end of the nylon cord, and the cord should be fed through the pulley system on your door.
After strapping on the head harness, fill your water bag and hang it on one end of the cord (there are markings on the bag to indicate its weight). Simply fill the bag until the water is at the desired mark, usually 8-15 pounds. After filling the water bag, sit in a chair facing your door., and then hang the bag on the end of the nylon cord that is not attached to your head harness. Be sure not to drop the water bag, as this could cause a sudden forceful traction motion on your neck. 

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