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  • Loope Magnifier With Stand


    The use of a magnifying lamp is mainly for the ability of the therapist to evaluate and examine client’s skin properly. 

    It is also popular with hobbyists, jewelers, opticians, beauticians, model makers and many more. 

    This advertised magnifying lamp is height adjustable, and it comes with a stand and wheels for easy mobility, 

    It can be moved around the salon to different stylist’s stations for their clients comfort.

    Adjustable arms in all positions.


    Voltage: 220V 22W/110V 22W

    Magnification Times: 10×

    Lens diameter of 127mm

    Weight: about 7kg

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  • UV Sterilizer
    UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer Cabinet. 
    This single tier sanitizer has convenient flip-top lid and a powerful UV light inside. This creates a clean environment for your frequently used insutruments such as cupping glasses, brushes, scissors etc. Leave them inside for 30-40 minutes to make sure the UV light has been able to sterilize the instruments. UV light will only work where the light can touch and is not meant to clean or sterilize blood or tissue.
    • Inside:    12.5" Long x 3.5" High x 8.5" Wide
    • Convenient flip-top lid 
    • Removable instrument rack
    • Powerful UV light inside
    • Fits on the countertop
    • Creates a clean environment for your instruments
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  • Examination Table Vida Tilt
    Adjustable headrest (hydraulic)
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  • Trolley Stainless Steel
    * Stainless steel trolley with 3 drawers
    * Size: 60*40 cm
    * High quality of rails
    * Special castors that doesn't make noise.
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  • Massage Table Stationary For Spamaster

    Table Specifications

    Size: 31" x 84" (W x L)

    Height: 24" - 34" (adjustable)

    Weight: 84 lbs. (table only)

    Support Weight: 2,500 lbs.

    Foam: 3.5" MEMORY FOAM & Exclusive Small Cell™ Foam (Higher Density than normal foam)



    Our SpaMaster™ Stationary Massage Table was designed with exceptional strength, functionality and comfort to meet the needs of ANY of your clients. The luxurious design and beautiful hardwood construction will add a professional touch to any treatment room.

    Featuring a 3.5” thick cushion of our exclusive Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam™, including a 1” thick layer of heat sensitive and pressure-point-relieving MEMORY FOAM, makes this the MOST COMFORTABLE Stationary Massage Table on the market! Positioning your clients is easy too – with our STURDY elevating back lift!

    The SpaMaster™ Stationary represents the brand of reliability and LUXURIOUS comfort that Spa Care Professionals have learned to expect from Master Massage Equipment!

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  • Screen with 3 sections
    Designed with easy folding and controlled extended position.
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  • Stool Hydraulic without Backrest

    Key Features:

    This Stool is the most popular and economic stool.
    Features a 15"/38cm dia large seat pad. Deluxe 4" Semi-firm foam system offering great comfort.


    Dynamic Load: 300 lbs /135kg distributed load
    Net Weight: 10 lbs /4.5 kg
    Height range: 17.3"/44cm~22.8"/58cm
    Padding: 4"/10cm Semi-firm foam system
    Upholstry: Durable PVC vinyl upholstering.
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  • BleachBright Teeth Whitener LED Light
    BleachBright LED lights have FDA registration papers, a must with any LED light
    • Top of the line LED light on the market
    • Attractive, sleek and durable
    • Commercial grade power designed for optimum results
    This Bleachbright LED light is FDA registered and is the most widely used whitening light in the cosmetic industry. It is professional, durable and most importantly, affordable. BleachBright is a member of CCTW and registered with the FDA.
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  • Trolley Plastic
    * High Quality plastic trolley with two drawers
    * Size: 64*45*90 cm
    * High quality wheels with brakes
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  • IV Stand


    IV stands for Intravenous (within vein) and is used for IV therapy and many other specialties too. 


    • Stainless steel 
    • Light-weighted 
    • Height-adjustable
    • Four-hook design
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  • Instrument Tray
    Instrument Trays are made of stainless steel for long lasting durability and corrosion-resistant material. Lip edge keeps utensils and surgical instruments in place on tray and organized for surgical procedures. Dimensions vary.
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  • Negatoscope Double
    Medical Negatoscope Double LED X Ray Film Viewer Aluminum Alloy Frame with Acrylic screen is mainly used in hospital for doctor to check the X ray film. The led film is made of aluminum alloy frame, acrylic screen, led lights and control parts.
    The material of screen adopt good quality acrylic, so the transmission of light is better than glass. The screen have long lifetime, and will not deformation and color fading. Thickness of product only 25mm because of advanced assembling technology. So it can be installed easily, and save space.The LED lights can be adjusted by button, rotary knob or sensor.The LED use DC power, no flicking ,without eyestrain after long time watch.
    1) Screen adopt acrylic, good transmission of light.
    2) LED use DC power, screen no flicking, will not eyestrain after long time watch.
    3) Roller pin self locking film device, instead of normal lock, easy to operate
    4) Color temperature reach 10000k,easy to read the film
    5) Different control choice meet different request and environment
    6) LED film viewer will power off automatic 30 minutes and turn on. This special design from AST can save power and protect from safety loophole
    7) If choose sensor switch, the lights will turn off automatically 7 seconds after take down the film ,and will restart automatically after put on the film

    Feature    LED, Aluminum Alloy Frame, Acrylic,
    Material    Aluminum Alloy, Acrylic , LED
    Size         50 x 100 x 10 cm
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