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Arm Accessory For Edema Therapy Prevention System

Pressure Therapy
Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) is a safe and efficient medical treatment machine of lymph drainage and anti thrombus in pressure therapy. 
Pressure therapy is a high class lymphatic drainage and Spa natual health beauty machine in medical and beauty market.
In beauty market, the compression mode has a soft massage from foot to heart, it is slimming treatment by drainage dissolved fat cells or bad deposit, to keep good body shape.
In medical market, it has a sequential squeezing from the distal to proximal, thus it can improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic, prevent DVT and PE, therapy DIABETIC foot peripheral neuritis.
Key features:
Size: 26x17x13cm (LXWXH)
Item weight: 2.5kgs
Power consumption: 30W
Iput  voltage: 110V / 220V   50~60HZ
Range of press: 20-250mmhg
Treating time: 10, 20,30 mins
Two modes:
A: Health care   B: Therapy
Cover material: ABS material
Support to connect a pair of 4 chamber air cuff simultaneously.(leg, arm,waist)
Arm sleeve:
Size: A1001 S    70x25cm     A1002 L   90x25cm     customized  available
Material:  TPU
Chamber:  4
Field of Application:
1. Lymph edema
2. Anti thrombus
3. DIABETIC foot peripheral neuritis
4. Varicose veins
5. Leg ucler
6. Pregnant women lower limbs care
7. Breast surgery upper limbs edema 
8. Keep good body shape, loss weight and beauty
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