Compression garments are used for post-operative plastic and cosmetic surgery. Garments are featured with breathable, long-lasting multidirectional elastic fabrics in order to achieve controlled pressure. The use of such garments improves post-operative healing, aids body sculpting and accelerates the resolution of swelling in the treatment area. Specific design and manufacture ensure full comfort and top-quality finishes. Garments are mainly grouped according to the type of surgery, such as liposuction garments, post-operative garments for arm, back surgery and breast surgery, abdominal garments, sternal shaper, facial garments and a male collection. Liposuction garments come in various types differing in design and body parts. The male collection includes bands, vests, closures, briefs and body shapers that are suitable for post-operative periods, mainly in the case of gynecomastia, chest, abdominal and thigh surgeries. 

Prosthesis, such as post-mastectomy prosthesis, also called breast forms; include a wide selection of types, shapes, sizes and colors. A prosthesis can be worn against the skin, inside the pocket of a mastectomy bra, or attached to the chest wall. Post-mastectomy (or simply mastectomy) bras resemble regular bras but with one important difference - they have spandex stretch pockets on the inside which help hold and keep the breast prosthesis in place. They are designed to look feminine while ensuring comfort. Various form styles include full forms, semi-full & tapered forms, and modified forms. When determining the form style, softness and weight should also be considered. They provide best forms for uneven chest walls to give a customized personal fit, thus not only look but feel natural. Post-surgical prostheses provide breathability and flexible support due to the manufactured material.