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  • Hip Support Pavlik Harness Pediatric
    • A pavlik harness is used in the treatment of hip dysplasia in infants.
    • The pavlik harness is fit to the baby and holds his or her hips in proper position.
    • By flexing up the legs, and allowing the knees to fall outwards, the hips are held in proper position.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Made of non-flexible straps in 3 cm width.
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  • Umbilical Belt Infants
    Applies pressure on the hernia to keep it from popping out. They are most effective for inguinal hernias. 
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  • Supporter Of Suspensory
    In support of the testes and used to prevent sagging.

    Made of cotton fabric

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  • Hip Support
    - Subluxations & Dislocations on the hip joints
    - Post Operative & Post-Surgical treatment of the hip & Pelvic region
    - Post Traumatic rehabilitation after lesion in the hip region
    - Sprains, Injuries & lesion on the hip & femoral region
    - Excellent breathable & ventilated Elastic material for user’s maximum comfort & fitting
    - Allowing warmth & compression on the pelvic, hip & femoral region
    - Useful for supporting, stabilizing on the hip region
    - Easy & simple wear by Full Open Wrap Style with Velcro fasteners
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  • Corset Umbilical Hernia
    Manufactured of flexible, respirable and sweat preventing cotton fabric. Offers special pads designed to apply pressure to herniated area, which can be removed on demand. Removable plastic under wires assures extra protection. Usage of the bandage does not interfere with mundane activities. Bandage is preferred for post-surgery recuperation process and preventing possible recurrences. Suitable for wear underneath daily clothing.
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  • Hernia Belt
    - Inguinal Hernia
    - Reducible Rupture

    - Elastic Pelvis Straps for Secure Fit & Adjustment.
    - Light-Weight Skin Friendly material composition for Comfortable fitting & Usage.
    - Allowing intra-Gradual pressure to reduce the inguinal Hernia.
    - Detachable Truss Pads for Bilateral or Unilateral Inguinal Hernia.
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