Stand Assist & Easy Mover

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  • Easy Mover 150KG
    EM150 is an easy to use device offering safety, comfortable and convenient support for sit-to-stand and transfer to or from the toilet, bed or wheelchair.
    - Adult users weighing up to 150 kg/ 330 lbs Lifting of patient for transfer , raising or lowering with ease through the use of special designed EZ-belt Support, enabling only one user or caregiver to perform the task.
    - Rolls and turns smoothly and easily on all surfaces.
    - Stable and secure platform base has a low step-in height.
    - The ladder supports the user during standing training and transfer.
    - Lockable wheels with synchronous braking.
    - Adjustable height of the knee pads.
    - Easy to assemble and disassemble for transport and storage.

    - L x W X H = 693 x 579 x 1201 mm
    - Platform Height : 47 mm
    - Height of Knee Pad : 405 ~ 580 mm
    - Powder Coating Knee Pad: PU Castors:
    - 1.4 " + 5 "
    - Net Weight: about 18.5 kgs

    EZ-belt Supports for transfer, raising or lowering Maximum user weight: 150kg/330 lbs.
    Materials: Polyester/Polypropylene/Nylon
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  • Stand Aid Patient Lifter 230KG
    • Stand assist lifts allow patients to practice bearing weight during rehab, or to transfer while standing. Designed to secure the user in an upright position, these devices typically provide support via knee/foot pads, back support, and ergonomic
    • Weight capacity:
    • HMP- SA500: 180 KGS safe working load.
    • Dual Knee pads for secure stand support and transports.
    • Sturdy yet easily fits through narrow doorways.
    • Affordable alternative to electric stand aids.

    The HMP-SA500 stand aid is a transport assist unit which keeps the resident active and engaged in the process. Transport functions of all types are quick and require minimal caregiver assistance. Users grasp the middle bar and pull themselves up into position. A padded split seat swings out to allow loading or unloading. The seat then swings back to form a secure and comfortable seat for transport. An excellent alternative to wheelchairs for toileting. Rugged construction for years of service in acute care, nursing homes and private residences.


    Stand Aid Lift Specifications
    Maximun width Maximun height Overall length Unit weight Front Base
    25" 42.5" 33.5" 61 lbs. 5"
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