Grab Bar

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  • Grab Bar L-Shaped

    The Stainless Steel L shaped grab bar are beautifully designed to offer not only aid in preventing falls but unique style. Useful for all ages, these can be located in showers, near toilets, or in any customized location. This particular grab bar resourcefully provides support as it enhances a traditional style.


    • 90° l-shaped grab bar made of 304-grade stainless steel, with a satin finish
    • 1-1/2 in. diameter stainless steel tube, no visible screws
    • Concealed mounting flanges
    • Installation hardware included
    • Exceeds ADA and industry standards
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  • Grab Bar Plastic

    Plastic Grab Bars Bathroom Safety Coloured Fluted Shower Grab Bar Rails


    • This plastic grab bars made from high-quality extruded PVC plastic
    • Straight, right-angled or 135° options
    • The fluted surface gives additional grip and is tested to a maximum
    • The option of 7 fixing points for optimum, extra secure wall fixing
    • A 59mm rail to wall clearance
    • No earth required when fitted in bathroom environments
    • UV stabilized to prevent discoloration
    • Load capacity 160kg
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  • Rail Foldway


    • Provides excellent support when rising and lowering
    • Assists with people that struggle standing and sitting
    • Folds upright when not in use
    • Made from strong stainless steel
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  • Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar
    • Two-in-one grab bar: transfer pole with pivoting curve grab bar that locks every 45°
    • Height adjustable: Fits flat ceilings from 7-10 feet
    • Easy Installation: Install anywhere in home in minutes without additional tools
    • Convenient: Put in any room of the house without need of permanent installation.
    • Adaptable: Use as bathroom grab bar, chair standing aid or bedside support

    The unique design of the Security Pole allows it to be installed easily in any room of your home. Now you have a grab bar in the middle of the room where you need it the most. Use it in the bathroom, living room, or bedroom.




    No screws or drills needed, just tighten the pole with the included wrench, tension is formed to hold the pole in place between the floor and ceiling. The Security Pole cannot be placed on slanted ceilings.




    The tension-mounted design allows you to put the Security Pole anywhere in your home without making marks.

    Screws are included to secure the pole to the floor and ceiling if you want to permanently install the pole in your home, but is not required.



    Ergonomic Ladder Grip

    The ergonomic ladder grip allows users to pull themselves up using a comfortable hand-over-hand motion.



    Rotates & Locks

    By pulling the locking knob, the curve grab bar rotates 360° and locks into place every 45° in eight positions. This allows the user to place the pole in central locations and use the curve grab from multiple positions.




    Main pole easily separates into two 53″ pieces making it easy to transport.



    • Materials: Rust resistant zinc plated steel with durable powder coat finish 
    • Fits Ceiling Heights: Range of 7’-10’ ft 
    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs 
    • Weight of Product: 20 lbs 
    • Package Dimensions: 54.00” L x 12.50” W x 3.25” H; 22 lbs 
    • Case of 2 Dimensions: 54.00” L x 12.50” W x 6.5” H; 45 lbs
    • Black, White
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  • Stand Pole With Handles

    You love the comforting feeling of your home, and now, with the Sure Stand Pole, you can have the support you need to stand safely without changing the look and feel of your home. The Sure Stand pole is tension mounted, so it can be installed anywhere in the home without drilling holes in your floor or ceiling.


    The most common place in the home for falls is in the bathroom, so place the Sure Stand Pole between the tub/shower and toilet, then position the handles to be used for both getting in and out of the shower, and on and off the toilet.


    Supports up to 300 lbs


    Product weights 16.5 lbs


    Rust resistant aluminum with durable anodized finish


    Pole extends to fit ceiling heights from 7- 10 ft. 


    Fits flat and vaulted ceilings*


    Handles can be placed anywhere 360˚ on the pole and at most heights


    4.5" H x 37" L x 8.5" W 17.5 lbs


    2/case, 9.5" H x 37" L x 8.5" W 37 lbs



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  • Toilet Safety Rails Adjustable
    • Added support for getting safely on and off the toilet
    • The AquaSense® Toilet Safety Rails make it safer and easier to get on and off the toilet, is aesthetically nice and extremely easy to assemble.
    • Height adjustability for proper fit & comfort: 5 levels - 28’’ to 32’’ (71.1 cm to 81.3 cm)
    • Width between arms: 18’’ or 21’’ (45.7 cm or 53.3 cm)
    • Lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum frame
    • Full length plastic armrests
    • Slip resistant textured surface on armrests
    • Sturdy rubber tips
    • Tool-free assembly (Buttons and Knobs)
    • Can be lifted to provide better access for cleaning
    • Weight capacity: 250 lbs (113.4 kg)
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  • Grab Bar


    • Knurled grip added security.
    • Rust-resistant chrome finish.
    • Stainless steel hardware included.
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  • Rail Bathtub Safety
    • Chrome-plated steel 
    • Knurled Grips
    • Screw-type clamp mechanism comes with wrench
    • Rubber-coated contact points 
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  • Rail Wall Folding Stainless Steel

    Handicap Flip Up Grab Bar Bathroom Toilet Fold Down Grab Bars Safety Handrails for Disabled


    • stainless steel, to ensure product quality and service life
    • Stronger load, wall thickening, suitable for elderly people with disabilities and other pregnant women use
    • Suitable for corridors, shower rooms, toilets, easy installation, drilling installation
    • 32mm diameter bar for easier grip, thick and extensible tense, to ensure safety
    • Size: 20 * 60cm
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  • Rail Bathtub Safety U-shape
    • Chrome-plated steel 
    • U-shaped grips
    • Screw-tight clamp mechanism comes with wrench
    • Rubber-coated contact points 
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