Protective Underwear

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  • Protective Underwear Actisafe (10/Pack)
    Multiple quality construction features make these underwear truly supreme as they are your best defense in the most demanding situations. High absorbency SAP absorbs liquid instantly keeping skin dry at all times. Super soft top layer prevents backflow for extra comfort. The tall stand-up leak guards provide maximum side leak protection, even for side sleepers. Thanks to its innovative design, Actisafe underwear offers a perfect fit and greater comfort. Latex-free.

    - Latex Free
    - Easy to wear and take off
    - Super Absorbent Core
    - Surrounding Barriers to prevent Leakage
    - For Men and Women
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  • Protective Underwear Abri-Flex Premium

    Abri-Flex M1

    Absorbency level: 1400 ml                    Hip size: 80-110 cm         Q: 14 pieces

    Abri-Flex L1

    Absorbency level: 1400 ml                  Hip size: 100-140 cm         Q: 14 pieces
    Abri-Flex XL1

    Absorbency level: 1400 ml                   Hip size: 130-170 cm        Q: 14 pieces


    • Fully breathable Air Plus performance.
    • Super soft Non-woven material ensuring optimum comfort and the feeling of normal underwear.
    • High number of elastic threads for a firm, flexible fit.
    • Unique TopDry system, providing a dry surface and rapid absorption.
    • Secure, modern fit with high barriers and latex free elastication.
    • Odour system reduces the risk of unpleasant odours.
    • Wetness indicator with graduation scale indicates capacity use.
    • Wide range of absorbency levels.
    • Dermatologically tested

    Unlike other equivalent incontinence products, Abri-Flex has more elastic threads, which provides a firm and comfortable body fit and stays in place for active use. Abena’s Abri-Flex range offer a discreet pull-up pant with Abena quality features of softness, Top-Dry System, breathability and leakage security.

    ‚ÄčThe range also includes Abri-Flex Zero, which is designed with a high cut and a full white back sheet for light incontinence, and Abri-Flex Special, which has unique elastication in both legs and crotch area, providing an ultimate solution for users that have problems with fitting a conventional pull-up, or during intense physical activity.


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  • Protective Underwear Molimed Pants Active
    MoliMed® Pants Active is discreet, highly absorbent disposable pants worn like normal underwear. They are perfect for that extra protection during activity or sport and are a safe alternative to incontinence pads. MoliMed® Pants Active provide an ideal fit for superior comfort and maximum security. Suitable for light incontinence.

    • Rustle-proof for extra discretion
    • Breathable textile-like material for added comfort
    • Unique 3-layer absorbent core 
    • pH neutral, skin friendly distribution layer
    • Odour neutralising absorbent core
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  • Protective Underwear Abri-Form Premium

    Abena Abri-Form Premium Air Plus Adult Brief is designed to give optimum leakage protection for highly demanding situations. The soft standing leak guards and four refastenable tapes of Abri-Form Diapers offer a comfortable fit and optimum leakage protection. The cloth-like material is waterproof, yet allows air to circulate through the material resulting in a more comfortable fit with less heat build-up.

    Key Features Of Abena Abri-Form Premium Brief

    • Excellent absorption 
    • Wetness indicator
    • Full breathability
    • Unique Top Dry system
    • Soft, comfortable and noiseless
    • Latex-free and non-chlorine bleached
    • Nordic Eco-Label
    • Dermatologically tested
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  • Protective Underwear Leader Slip

    A soft top-sheet makes this product suitable for sensitive skins while the reinforced core absorbs and retains the moisture inside the pad. Its anatomic shape makes it a perfect fit for any body type while the elastics on the sides prevent seal the diaper from leakage.

    • Odourless
    • Ultra absorbent and breathable core
    • Hypoallergic top sheet
    • Multi-use adhesive tapes
    • Wetness indicator
    • Elasticated side barriers to prevent leakage
    • Produced either with polyethylene or laminated back-sheet
    • Wetness indicator allows for better monitoring
    • We have the capability to produce the back-sheet both in laminated and polyethylene sheet
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  • abri man premium formula 2

    This range is specifically shaped and designed for men, with extra absorption at the front.

    Formula 2 has an absorbency capacity of 700 ml for men with moderate incontinence and is particularly useful for prostate problems.

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  • Molicare Premium Lady Pad
    Anatomically shaped pads for light bladder weakness providing secure protection while maintaining healthy skin.
    Providing discreet wearing comfort with breathable textile like backsheet, soft topsheet and odour neutraliser.
    Wide adhesive stripe for secure and comfortable fixation in regular underwear.
    Skin friendly with soft and breathable materials. Additionally, the soft top sheet is treated with Aloe Vera.
    Skin friendly due to antibacterial character and pH buffering effect which helps to maintain a skin neutral pH value of 5.5.
    All-round protection is provided by fast absorption, anti-leakage system with soft foam elastics and quick dry system.
    Dermatologically tested.
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