Massage Table Electrical

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  • Athena Liftback Massage Table
    • Easy to use foot pedal
    • Heavy duty steel frame
    • Headrest outlets on both-ends
    • Smooth, reliable electric lift operator
    • Easy control electrical height adjustment
    • Manual adjustment backrest with multiple
    positioning possibilities
    • Lockable wheels for ease transportation.
    • Additional feet are adjustable for stability on uneven flooring
    • Extremely comfortable, removable & flexible side armrests
    • 3"/7.5cm thick multi-layer Soft-foam system
    • Super comfort Skin-touch luxurious PU upholstering


    • Lifting Weight Capacity: 425lbs/194kg
    • Length: 72.5"/184cm(table top)
    • Including headrest: 83"/211cm
    • Width: 28"/71cm
    • Height Range: 20.8"/53cm-39"/99cm
    • Weight Range: 145lbs/66kg~154lbs/70kg
    • Shipping Weight: 165lbs/75kg~174lbs/79kg
    • Shipping Dimensions: 73''/185cmx31''/78cmx22''/57cm
    • Cushion: 3"/7.5cm multi-layer
    Soft-foam system
    • Upholstery: Super comfort Skin-touch
    luxurious PU upholstering
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  • Electric Massage Chair
    This electric massage chair can effectively relieve the pressure and relax your body. Make massage concurrently on neck, back, waist and buttocks by the modes of kneading, pushing, tapping, the massage rhythm is different and makes your enjoy the pleasure of massage at any time, its simple operation, its strength can be regulated according individual favorite to meet the varied requirements of people, promotes blood circulation, eliminates fatigue promptly.

    Back Regulator:
    1. Maximum angles to be regulated is 145 degree.
    2. The regulator set at the left foot rest is used to regulate any required angles and loosen the knob.

    Weight: 25Kg
    Dimensions: 55*90*105cm
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  • Royal Midlift Massage Table Electrical

    • Lifting Capacity: 429lbs/195kg
    • Length: 76"/192cm(including headrest)
    • Width: 27''/68cm, 29''/71cm available
    • Height Range: 20.4''/52cm~38.5''/97.5cm
    • Weight Range: 162lbs/74kg~176lbs/80kg
    • Shipping Weight: 182lbs/83kg~196lbs/89kg
    • Shipping Dimensions:73''/185cmx31''/78cmx22.5''/57cm
    • Cushion: 2.5"/6.5cm multi-layer Semi-firm foam system
    • Upholstery: Super comfort Skin-touch luxurious PU upholstering

    Key Features:

    • Contoured shape table top
    • Heavy-duty steel frame with lockable wheels.
    • Electrical lift adjustments controlled by foot pedal
    • Electrically operated middle-lift
    • Manually adjustment headrest and arm-support
    • 2.5"/6.5cm thick multi-layered Semi-firm foam system
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