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  • Yoga Mat
    Material: TPE 

    Size: 24" x 68"
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  • Anti-Fatigue Mat
    Material: PU Foam
    Size: 50x75x2.5 cm

    PU foam has high elasticity, high resilience, is water- and fireproof, has high compressive strength, and high flow ability. It is sound-proving, low in weight and anti-corrosial. 

    Anti-fatigue mats are mats designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface. Anti-fatigue mats are often used to decrease foot and lower limb disorders for workers who stand in one position for long periods. This will provide support for your feet and relieve pressure on your heels, back, legs, and shoulders, which in turn helps you stand for longer.
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  • Yoga Brick
    Material: EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (inner)
                 Nylon (Cover)
    Size: 30cm x 20cm x 15cm
    Weight: 220g 
    Color: Black 

    weight is less than 0.5kg
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  • Exercise Mat
    Material:  TPE 
    Size: 15cm x 60cm x 180cm
    Color: Blue 

    TPE is an eco-friendly versatile compound that is very stable and safe. It is a composite mat, in the middle of which is a type of fabric to keep the mat in the original shape and two layers of foam rubber- on top and bottom. 
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