Health Professionals use a variety of wedges to position patients for various treatment techniques and recommend them for home use to help restore and maintain improvements gained in therapy. Therapeutic Pillow makes an extensive range of medical cushions some with precision-cuts for both the clinic and for home use. These orthopedic cushions are designed to meet varying medical conditions: to provide support while sitting, to support the body's trunk, and to support limbs. There are also medical cushions to support and/or realign the lumbar spine.
In addition to that there are cushions with varying cutouts to relieve pressure.

When it comes to back aches and body pain, one must sleep comfortably to avoid discomforts. This can be done by using therapeutic mattresses that are designed to distribute the weight of the body evenly. The heavier parts of your body will sink into the mattress. It will reduce pressure points on areas where the mattress is pressing against the body. It enables you to sleep in the right posture, by promoting proper alignment of the spine. It is able to adapt to the body curves and keep your spine all the time. When your spine is aligned properly, the body can relax efficiently. In addition, it has the ability to absorb motion transfer in between the sleep partners.