Seat Cushion

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  • Balance Seat
    • Represents a perfect combination of the advantages of the classic sitting cushions: the wedge cushion and the air-filled ball cushion
    • Angled to promote proper posture and provide maximum comfort and support
    • Supports an upright posture, strengthens the back muscles and helps to relieve back pain
    • The wedge has two surfaces: one being smooth for normal sitting and the other having senso knobs ideal for foot and back massage
    • The firmness can be customized to the user's preference, utilizing the needle valve and pump, small hand pump included, recommended for children and petite adults
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  • Gel Seat Cushion
    Material: Made of gel and mesh back.
    Size: 38x38x1.5 cm
    Ergonomic design
    One hundred and ten massage bumps, provide the true sense of the massage, and the sensation of true breathable ventilation. Once you sit on it you not only feel comfortable, but make sure that you sit in a healthy and refreshing posture.

    3D stereoscopic groove design
    Unique gel "3D breathable groove" design increases the air circulation and humidity channel, so that your hips get off by more than 30% of the ventilation space, this creates a more fresh and comfortable environment in the office.
    Mesh design of gel cubes is perfect for the prevention of bed sores, relief of pressure and for the blood circulation.

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  • Seat Coccyx U-Shape


    • This Coccyx Wedge Cushion provides pain relief for sore tail bone, back, lower back pain or similar problems.
    • Its unique cut out section minimizes painful pressure to the coccyx region
    • It is gently angled to promote correct spinal alignment for better posture
    • Ideal for use at home, in the office, or in the car


    •  U-shaped opening provides pressure relief for the coccyx/tailbone
    •  Ideal for prolonged period of sitting
    •  Constructed of highly resilient polyurethane foam.


    45*36*7.5 cm

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  • Seat Mate Cushion
    Seat Mate Coccyx Cushion helps relieve perineal area pressure. 
    It is made with firm and medium density foam which provides added support and comfort. Ideal for individuals who must sit for prolonged periods.
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  • Seat Donut Ice Gel Cushion Kabooti®
    The Kabooti Ice is the first donut seat cushion with a removable ice pack for cooling relief wherever you sit! We know seating discomfort isn’t the most talked about topic of discussion or something you even want to ask someone about. The Kabooti Ice donut cushion for hemorrhoids (and other medical conditions such as post-partum pregnancy discomfort, perennial wounds, post-surgical pain) is made to provide you all day relief without anyone ever knowing! 

    Seating Relief For:
    • Hemorrhoid or Piles Discomfort
    • Post-Surgery Recovery
    • Lower Back Pain
    • Post-Partum Pregnancy Discomfort
    • Perineal Wounds
    • Testicular Pain
    • Plus Much More!

    The Kabooti Donut Seat Cushion has revolutionized medical seating donut cushions for various medical conditions to provide relief while sitting including lower back pain relief, leg pain relief, hemorrhoids or piles, soothe sciatica nerve pain while sitting, tailbone and coccyx pain relief plus much more!

    The Kabooti Ice Donut Seat Cushion however, takes your comfort and relief one step further by introducing a reusable, removable gel ice pack that fits in the large center cutout of the donut cushion. The sleek design of the Kabooti Donut Cover keeps your cushion discreet, so no one ever sees you sitting on a donut, or using a gel pack which makes this donut cushion the perfect cushion not only for at home, but in the office or while traveling! So while you get all the benefits of the traditional donut cushion, the Kabooti Ice Donut pillow provides therapeutic comfort and relief by the natural soothing power of ice to help relieve pain and swelling that is cause by various conditions such as:

    • Hemorrhoids
    • Post-Surgery Recovery
    • Post-Partum Pregnancy Discomfort
    • Perineal Wounds
    • Testicular Pain
    • Low Back Pain
    • Plus Much More!
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  • Free Gravity Seat Cushion
    Material: made of foam and gel bags.
    Size: 40x35x6 cm
    A comfortable relief pressure free gravity cushion that is ideal for cars, planes, or any kind of seat.  For a healthy posture and refreshing sensation, during long hours of work, and an excellent prevention of bed sores.
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  • Swivel Seat Cushion grey

    The Swivel Seat Helps You Get In and Out of Your Car Easily. 

    If you have back or hip problems, the movements that were once so simple, may now be very painful. Getting in and out of your car is now much easier! A comfortable, soft foam cushion rotates on a sturdy base so you can easily swivel in or out of your car.

    The Deluxe Swivel Seat is lightweight and portable with its own carry strap, yet strong enough to support a large adult. 15" diameter, with a removable, washable cover.
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  • Ring Foam Cushion


    • Ideal for Post Operative discomfort, Hemorrhoids, Hip Bursitis and Coccyx Support
    • Fluid resistant silicone fibers for extra support and comfort
    • Breathable cotton/polyester fabric cover
    • Fully machine washable with Standard Detergent


    • This durable Latex foam cushion has a recess in the centre for comfort when seated.
    • Reduces pressure point discomfort.
    • Removable, washable, polyester-cotton Navy cover.


    42*42*8.5 cm

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  • Wheelchair Seat Cushion
    • The wheelchair seat cushion is designed to stabilize the pelvis.
    • It protects skin from the risk of breakdown, and position the body.
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  • Seat Travel Cushion
    Material: Foam + Fabric cover 

    Versatile and practical to use in planes, cars, at home, office, or on wheelchairs. Anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and waterproof. 

    Size: 40x35x3.5 cm
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  • Round Ergonomic Seat Cushion
    Specially coated Urethane film. 
    Designed with deformed-cut to conform to body structure for posture correction. 
    Hollow center hole for the relief of pressure on sensitive areas. 
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  • Memory Foam Seat Cushion/Overlay
    Absorbs shocks while driving and increases comfort of the seat cushion. The anti-slip mat and mesh net buckle makes it suitable for all types of cars.
    Can be used for other seats such as wheelchairs and chairs. 
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  • Seat Cushion Memory Foam


    • Made with ergonomic pressure relieving visoelastic memory foam.
    • It distributes weight evenly enabling you to sit for extended periods of time.
    • Perfect for home, office, and car.


    •  Adds comfort to almost any seating surface
    •  Absorbs and distributes your weight evenly to help you sit comfortably for extended period of time
    • Works well in conjunction with lumbar cushion
    • Removable ,washable, allergen-resistant cover


    47*42*9 cm

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  • Seat Molded Ring Cushion
    The molded Ring Cushion is designed to ease hemorrhoid, post-childbirth or post-surgery pain. It reduces strain during long drives in cars or trucks. Place this on any seat surface before sitting to help relieve stain on the rectal area after surgery or for long drives. It is made from molded High Density PU foam.
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