Sterilizers & Skin Care

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  • Bactynea Spray

    Disinfecting cleaning

    Cleaning and disinfection of non-invasive medical devices (equipment, etc.) by contact. Researched especially for neonatal services and, more specifically, for disinfecting sensitive surfaces (sterile bubbles, insulators, incubators, etc.) when infants are present.

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  • Skin Barrier Cream Molicare 200ML
    Barrier cream without zinc oxide forms a transparent protective film on the skin. Innovative formula enriched with creatine, bisabolol, essential fatty acids, amino acids and almond oil. Bisabolol regenerates and cares for irritated skin. Water-in-oil-in-water emulsion. PH-skin-neutral.
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  • Skin Care protection Oil Spray Molicare 100ml

    MoliCare® Skin protection products offer advanced skin protection without compromising the absorbent capabilities of MoliCare® Absorption products.

    Protection foam with creatine, essential fatty acids, amino acids, almond oil and panthenol.

    Specifications: 100ml

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  • Ecolab Skinman Soft Protect 500ml

    Ecolab - Skinman Soft Protect 500ml is a disinfectant for hands and skin with a full virucidal effect. The liquid form contains ingredients such as vitamin E, panthenol and glycerine to protect, nourish and regenerate the skin. This new formula has been specially developed for repeated and frequent hand disinfection. A delicate and pleasant fragrance enhances user comfort. The product is declared as a biocide.

    Benefits for users:

    • bactericidal (MRSA), tuberculocidal, fully virucidal, fungicidal
    • free of n-propanol
    • free of dyes, has a delicate fragrance
    • highly effective over a short time with a sufficient safety margin
    • suitable for frequent and repeated applications – it contains nourishing and moisturizing cosmetic ingredients
    • it doesn’t dry or irritate skin, and doesn’t cause skin allergies
    • it complies with the latest hygiene requirements and European standards
    • effective against noroviruses after about 15 seconds
    • Volume 500 ml
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  • Skin Care Cleansing Foam Molicare 400ml

    MoliCare Skin cleansing products are pH 5.5 skin-neutral with water-free application. MoliCare Skin's water-free application cleansing products retain the skin's natural acid protection mantle and avoid the swelling of skin cells.

    MoliCare Skin cleansing foam, contains creatine, supports the skin`s own protection mechanisms. Odour-neutralising, skin-neutral pH.

    Specifications: 400ml

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  • UV Sterilizer
    UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer Cabinet. 
    This single tier sanitizer has convenient flip-top lid and a powerful UV light inside. This creates a clean environment for your frequently used insutruments such as cupping glasses, brushes, scissors etc. Leave them inside for 30-40 minutes to make sure the UV light has been able to sterilize the instruments. UV light will only work where the light can touch and is not meant to clean or sterilize blood or tissue.
    • Inside:    12.5" Long x 3.5" High x 8.5" Wide
    • Convenient flip-top lid 
    • Removable instrument rack
    • Powerful UV light inside
    • Fits on the countertop
    • Creates a clean environment for your instruments
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