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  • Raised Toilet Seat With Cover
    The raised toilet seats is the simple way of minimising excessive bending and the danger of over-balancing for those with limited mobility. It can be fitted securely to any toilet bowl quickly without the need to remove the existing toilet seat. Manufactured in two pieces from polypropylene, sonic welding is utilised to form the joint. The result is a strong, water tight raised toilet seat. The raised toilet seat raises the height of the bowl by 10cm and has non-slip rubber pads moulded into the adjustment brackets. These pads rest against the toilet bowl and are designed to securely hold the raiser in position.
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  • The Wiping Wand

    Blue Jay Self-Assist Toilet Aid - Long Reach Hygienic Cleaning Aid

    The wiping aid from Blue Jay can help extend your reach over 15”. The toilet aid is perfect for those with limited mobility, and has been manufactured using ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). The mobility aid is easy to hold. With a gripping recess, the personal hygiene aid can be used to tuck in one end of the toilet paper or wipe around the wand head. The bottom wiper toilet aid comes with a release button for ensuring hassle-free disposal. The button of the elderly self-assist toilet aid can be pressed down to eject the soiled toilet paper.


    How to Use Blue Jay Hygienic Cleaning Aid?


    • Open the gripping recess by pressing and holding the button on the bottom of the “wiping hand”
    • Tuck one end of the toilet paper
    • Release the button to close the recess
    • Wipe the remaining toilet paper around the wand head
    • Press the button at the bottom to eject the soiled wipe
    • Use a mild soap and a soft cloth to clean the wand post each use

    For individuals with limited range of motion.


    • Great for individuals with limited range of motion
    • Extend your reach by 15” inches
    • Safe and hygienic
    • Minimal bending or stretching
    • Designed to work from the back or front
    • Push button release from back or front
    • Holds tissues secure
    Product Dimensions: 15 x 2 x 2 inches
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  • Smart Washer Water bidet toilet seat cover

    Product Description

    Smart Washer Toilet Seat Cover:


    -Confident personal cleaning

    -Permanent use and practical

    -Ideal for old people (Male/ Female)

    -Highly recommended for disability and children


    -Soft Closing toilet seat cover

    -Complete front and rear cleaning with fantastic feeling

    -Water pressure adjustment

    -No electrical power required

    -Easy installation and fits on most toilet seats

    -Double cleaning nozzle (Male / Female)

    Basic info:

    1- Water pressure: between 0.08-0.8MPA.

    2- PP material

    3- Fast Disassembly.


    1. 1/2″ inch plastic adapter
    2. flexible hose
    3. Installation Manual
    4. Locating plate
    5. Filter
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  • Raised Toilet Seat Foam

    •Get extra comfort and minimize pressure points on the toilet 

    •The toilet seat foam is constructed of 4 inch foam with tear 
      resistant white vinyl cover.

    •Easily cleaned and holds securely in place.

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  • Raised Toilet Seat without Arms


    • Raises the toilet 4’’ higher than a regular toilet seat
    • Easy-to-clean surface
    • Attaches securely to most toilets
    • Weight capacity 136 Kg (300 lbs)
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  • Raised Toilet Seat With Handles For Elderly

    High-rise toilet seat with handles is an easy-to-install bathroom safety solution, the toilet seat riser with removable handles securely attaches to any standard toilet seat providing 3.5” of added height. Great for those recovering from surgery or injury, the elderly and those with limited mobility the elevated toilet seat assists individuals when sitting or standing.



    1. Adds 3.5” of Height to Any Standard Toilet Seat

    2. Soft Comfort Grip Handles

    3. Durable Composite Toilet Seat Elevator



    Item Number



    Hygienic wipe-clean white plastic + Aluminum Handle


    White, Customized

    Raiser Height

    Added 3.5-inch to the toilet

    Overall Dimension

    12"(W) x 19"(D) x 4"(H)

    Product Weight

    2 lbs

    Weight Capacity

    350 lbs




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  • Toilet Seat with arms and legs

    This raised toilet seat with arms and legs is not only safe and durable, but a good choice for added safety and security for the elderly.

    • Provides double safety with the added arms and legs
    • Saves time for the caretaker as it is easy to clean
    • Accommodates all patients up to 300 lbs
    • Saves toileting time for the user as it is easy to install
    • Easy to assemble
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  • Raised Toilet Seat with Handles
    Designed for individuals who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from toilet.

    .Heavy-duty PE molded plastic construction.
    .7/8” Aluminum anodized handle with EVA foam.
    .Fits wide range size of toilet.
    .Seat height: 10 cm.
    .Weight capacity : 350 LBS
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  • Portable Water Bidet


    • Easy to fill bidet bottle.
    • Best design for travel, outdoor, and public personal hygiene washlet.
    • This device prevent the dirty flow back into the bottle during washlet.
    • It i supplies continuous slow flow water during scratch your bun.
    • With slow-flow and anti-flow air hole in the bottle bottom.
    • Fast and effective personal cleansing anytime and anywhere.


      • Material: Plastic
      • Volume:650 ML
      • Tall Nozzle: 170MM
      • Spray angle: 60 degree
      • Bottle body : EVA
      • Nozzle : ABS

    Warm Tips:

    • 1. 60 degree angle nozzle meets the principles of human engineering and easy to clean. Please note that do not insert the nozzle into the body.
    • 2. Fill clean and/or warm water. The capacity is about 650 ml then screw tight the nozzle. Do not use warm /hot water higher than 60 degree celsius. High temperature will cause bottle deformation.
    • 3. When washing, use your forefinger to press the Valve bore and the nozzle aim at the part you want to wash. Open your forefinger and squeeze the bottle, then you can start to wash.
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  • Pilot Water Bidet

    Product Description

    No Electrical Power Required
    Easy installation and fits on most toilets seats
    Complete cleaning , fantastic feeling


    – Confident personal cleaning
    – Permanent use, economical and practical
    – Ideal for old people (Male/ Female)
    – Highly recommended for disability and children


    – Cold water Only
    – Water pressure control
    – Single cleaning nozzle
    – Easy installation
    – Self Cleaning Nozzle



    1. One piece 7/8″ and one piece 1/2″ plastic adapter
    2. One piece of 80cm PU pipe.
    3. Installation Manual

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