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  • Walker Compact For Travel Blue

    Orthopedic Adult Walker Adjustable Height Aluminum Walking Frame with Wheels for Elderly and Disabled.


    • Anodized extruded aluminum construction
    • Folds down to only a 4 1/2″ width for storage
    • Press down on the button at the top to release it
    • The adult walker is adjustable from 32 to 38″ in one” increments, can set it at the height most comfortable for users
    • 5″ front wheels glide across the floor
    • Slip-resistant rubber tips in vibrant colors give you a firmer grip on the floor or pavement, contains latex
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  • Walker Tip Coasters

    Replace tennis balls, wheels, and rubber tips on walker legs. Smoothly glides over doorways, sidewalks, and carpets. Fits standard 1" tubing.

    1. Requires no tools to assemble.
    2. Bright and easy to see colors.
    3. Smooth and durable plastic
    4. Glides easily over cement as well as carpeted or linoleum floors.
    5. Slides in all directions and over bumps and cracks in sidewalks and doorways.
    6. Unique O-ring to help coasters stay snug to walker legs in all temperatures.
    7. Protective shields prevent coasters from getting caught in doorways and thresholds or getting stepped on.

    The Walker Coasters product was designed to be the best replacement walker tips on the market, overcoming many of the problems found in others. We designed them specifically with three goals in mind:

    • Easy to install
    • Easy to see
    • Easy to use
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  • Walker "Go" Foldable
    Folding walker to 7″ diameter for narrow passageways and storage
    6″ locking-swivel wheels for your choice of fixed or swiveling wheels
    Rear easy-glide feet for maneuvering over all surfaces
    Height adjustable at handles from 32”- 38.5”
    Two color options: Black Walnut, Regal Rose

    It is the perfect tool to keep you or your loved one mobile, independent, and stylish. The unique, patented design allows the Walker Go to fold up to a 7 inch diameter with the touch of a finger, just like an umbrella stroller. It’s perfect for traveling, going to the store, eating at a restaurant, or just maneuvering those tight spaces around the house.



    Portable and Lightweight

    The distinctive folding capabilities and eight pound frame make the Walker Go one of the most portable walkers in the world. Now you can keep it next to you in the front seat!

    UP TO



    Strong and Durable

    Despite the lightweight frame, the Walker Go can support up to 400 pounds! Made of high-grade aircraft aluminum, this walker is the perfect combination of lightness and durability.



    Foldable for Transport

    The distinctive folding capabilities make the Walker Go one of the most portable walkers in the world. Now you can keep it next to you in the front seat!



    Height Adjustable

    Adjusts at the handles so you don’t have to bend over or get on the ground to adjust your walker. To adjust the height, simply unscrew the knob found on the side of the handles, find the perfect height, and tighten the knob again.



    New Locking Swivel Wheels

    Enjoy the freedom of swivel wheels or the security of stationary wheels. Just slide the locking pin up and down to switch between the two.


    • Weight: 8 lbs.
    • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
    • Collapsed Dimension: 36” H x 5.25“ W x 8” D
    • Wheels: 6” diameter wheels
    • Colors: Black Walnut, Regal Rose
    • Height Adjustment: 32“ x 38.5” for users 4’10” to 6’8”
    • Case Dimensions: 37.25” L x 9.5” W x 19.25” H, 28 lbs.
    • Open Depth: 21.5”
    • Open Width: 25.5”
    • Open Handle Width: 18”
    • Package Dimensions: 36.25” L x 8.5” W x 6” H, 8 lbs.
    • Case Dimensions: 37.25” L x 9.5“ W x 19.25” H, 28 lbs.


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  • Travel Walker

    This small, portable walker is designed to be the perfect companion for your next adventure. It's fold-able, light-weight structure makes it easy to stash in an overhead airplane compartment or in the front seat of your car, while large swivel wheels allow you to maneuver through a variety of terrain.


    you can go literally anywhere you want to go because it can fit in the overhead compartment of the airplane, in the front seat of the car, or even in the shopping cart so you can have it right with you while you are grabbing your groceries.

    Color: Black Walnut

    Product weighs 8 lbs


    36" H x 5.25" W x 8" D


    36.25" L x 8.5" W x 6" H


    37.25" L x 9.5" W x 19.25" H, 28 lbs


    Adjusts 32": to 38.5" for users 4'10"- 6'8"


    Weight capacity 400 lb
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  • Arm Rest Platform

    The Platform Walker Attachment is ideal for individuals with limited dexterity, poor strength in their arms, or may suffer from complications due to a stroke. The attachment is designed to help you maneuver your walker while bear weight on the arm instead of the hand. With the Platform Walker Attachment, mobility is made easier and more comfortable.

    The attachment easy to install without tools and can quickly adjust to preferred user height settings. The foam handle is easy to grip, while the thick forearm cuff features a vinyl cover with a heavy duty Velcro strap. The strong anodized aluminum makes a sturdy and supports up to 300 pounds.

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  • Walker Aluminium Stand Up


    Walkers improve stability in patients with lower extremity weakness or poor balance, and they facilitate improved mobility by increasing the patient's base of support and supporting the patient's weight. 


    • Four handles providing additional help to stand up 
    • ​Adjustable Height ( 72 cm to 90 cm)
    • Light Weight
    • Foam Handles
    • Support up to 136Kg
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  • Walker Aluminium
    Rubber Grip Handle
    Quick Release and small Packing
    Tool free assembly
    5 level height adjustments
    Weight Capacity 220 Lbs
    Product Size: 51*46**79/89.5cm
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  • Walker Aluminium with Wheels (07-124)
    Aluminium walkers with 2 wheels so that the person using it does not have to lift the walker when walking. 
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  • Knee Walker
    • Easy Help Recovery - Ideal for individuals recovering from injury or surgery to the foot, ankle or lower leg as well as below the knee amputees.
    • Easily Moved to Anywhere - With our knee cart, your recovery won't slow you down or stop you from enjoying your day. You don't have to worry about not being able to get around, perfect for navigating your home, work, supermarket, park. Please note: don't slide at high speed for your safety. Recommended speed: 1m/s.
    • Comfortable - Using crutches requires extensive upper body strength, rubs under your armpits and is unstable. This knee walker is made for both indoor and outdoor use, it is a hands free / pain free crutch alternative and offers the most versatility among knee walkers.
    • Lightweight & Durable:This lightweight yet sturdy knee walker offers a robust weight capacity, making sure you feel comfortable, stable and safe - no matter where you are.
    • Adjustable and Compact: knee walker features handlebars with a quick release folding mechanism for easy transport and storage.
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  • Walker Pediatric
    • Aluminum frame with choice of colored cross bar
    • Angled handle on pediatric model
    • Comes with adjustable handles and legs that make this walker extremely versatile to accommodate virtually any physical requirements
    • Flat-free tires allow for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Wide base provides additional stability

    • Base Opened (Depth): 20"
    • Height: 12"-21"
    • Inside Back Legs (Width): 22"
    • Inside Hand Grip (Width): Adjustable
    • Product Weight: 5.5 lbs.
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