Body Massager

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  • Massage Roller Rope
    Color: Blue 

    The Massage Rope is a massage roller that is great for the back, neck and shoulders. Its length makes it easy for you to reach all areas of your back. The Massage Rope is fun, easy to use, and helps to keep your back, neck and shoulders toned. Great for stimulating circulation and relieving muscles. 
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  • Handheld Massager
    • 6 pcs of different attachments available  
    • Strong and weak intensity availability 
    • Available heating function 
    • 3 adjustable angles according to user's requirements 
    Power: 28W
    Input: 220V, 50Hz

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  • Head Massager
    • Use with battery 
    • Easy use
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  • Neck Shoulder Massager
    • Provides comfortable and relaxing neck massage 
    • With far-infrared heat to eliminate tiredness 
    • Rechargeable
    • Massage direction is adjustable 
    • Can be used in the car and at home

    Power: 24W
    Input: 50/60Hz
    Output: DC 12.6V, 1A
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  • Mini Massager
    • Fashionable design 
    • Easy use
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  • Scalp Waterproof Massager
    • High frequency vibration 
    • Can be used under the shower and in the pool 
    • 4 massager heads with LED light 
    • Rechargeable by using USB cable 
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  • Infrared Massager
    • Used for all body parts, ex: Underarms, shoulders, Abs, Hips, Thighs, Calves, Feet etc. 
    • Vibrating massage helps loose weight
    • Handheld and portable 
    • Extra-long power cord of 1.8 m
    • 3 functions: Infrared, massage and infrared, heat with massage
    • Material: ABS
    • Accessories: 4 attachments 
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  • Portable Body Massager Iwand

    A new model magic wand, equipped with powerful battery that gives Wanted vibration magic wands are characterized. It even has 10 different vibration modes, so it can be customized to suit your body.

    It is rechargeable and waterproof (waterproof input to the charger), so it can be taken anywhere.

    Can be cleaned with hot won and mild soap or antibacterial soap.

    Size: 30 x 5 x 2 cm (5 cm in diameter at the top). 
    Weight: 430g. 
    Material: Body Safe medical grade silicone for the top part, white ABS for handle. 
    Battery: Li-Ion 1020 mAh 3.7V 
    Noise level: low. 
    Rechargeable - Charger included.

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  • General Massager Gun Device


    GENERAL Vibration Massage Device is ideal not only for athletes, fitness enthusiast, professional therapists but also for everyone who takes care of their own body’s wellness.

    The Smart Light System merges massage and wellness with a sense of science and technology, creating a sense of atmosphere, providing necessary light for massage, enhancing the fun and experience of massage and avoiding drowsiness.

    Hi5 Intelligent Exclusive Smart light system 2.0 will display different colours of light in the standby state and different vibration levels, increase the sense of technology, and provide lighting with atmosphere sense.

    GENERAL Vibration Device reduces effectively muscle soreness and stiffness, deep tissue and fascia tensions and improves your mobility and daily life quality. The aim is to relieve the muscles and achieve an overall feeling of well-being. 


    • Patented Smart Light System: Six Color Light System for Battery, Speed and Meaning of Flicker
    • Vibration Frequency: 6 Levels Speed and Up to 3200Times/Min
    • 3 Button Control: Power Switch, Smart Light Switch, and Speed Level Switch
    • Light Weight: 1.3 lbs Mini Size: Only 6.3 inch (L)
    • Ergonomic Design: Wireless Handhold Design with Fashionable Hard Case
    • 4 Head Attachment: Round, Fork, Flat and Bullet
    • Colour Options: Silver, Charcoal
    • Package Include: General Massage Gun, 4 Head Attachment, Fashionable hard Case


    New Smart Light System Design: 

    • Level 1: Massage Therapy (1600 Times/Min, Light Color: Blossom Pink)
    • Level 2: Myofascial Release (2000 Times/Min, Light Color: Sky Blue)
    • Level 3: Muscle Relaxation ( 2400 Times/Min, Light Color: Orange)
    • Level 4: Deep Massage ( 2800 Times/Min, Light Color: Ocean Blue)
    • Level 5: Professional Massage ( 2900Times/Min, Light Color: Corralito)
    • Level 6: Dynamic Speed ( 3200 Times/Min, Light Color: Purple)

    Key Features:

    • 80mm Deep Muscle Penetration-this provides deeper tissue massage than any other automated massage tool
    • 12mm Super Large Amplitude-For in-depth muscle relaxation
    • 3200 Times/Min High-Frequency Vibration-for deep muscle tissue penetration
    • 2 Hours Quick Charging- Quick charging provides a better and faster experience
    • 37db Low Noise-this super quiet tools are low-noise, much quieter than other tools on the market, ensuring you a quiet and comfortable environment
    • Smart Light System- Six Color Light System for Battery, Speed and Meaning of Flicker
    • Wireless & Portable- No need for a cord, you can use this massage device anywhere at anytime
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  • Octopus Waterproof Massager
    • High frequency vibration 
    • Waterproof, can be used under the shower or in the pool 
    • 4 massager heads with LED light 
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  • Shiatsu Cushion Massager
    • Four massage heads, kneading massage with heat to dissipate fatigue, ease pain and relax
    • Available heat function
    • 12V safety voltage 
    • Designed for car, with manual reversing function to enjoy two different massage modes 
    • Effective neck, shoulder, back, waist, and legs, massage

    Power: 24W
    Input: AC100~240V/50Hz

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  • Back/Seat Cushion Massage
    • 3 Shiatsu modes for your choice 
    • Vibration for hips 
    • Massage for the whole back moving up and down
    • Can be used at home and in the car 
    Power: 24W
    Input: AC 220V/50Hz
    OUtput: 12V/2000mA 
    Voltage: DC12V
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    Sportster is an advanced massage device to improve blood circulation, relax your body, relieve the fatigue and reduce the soreness of the muscles, and assist fitness by multi-level vibrating massage and help get in shape. Its patented light system definitely shows the sense of science and technology, creating an amazing atmosphere especially in a dim environment. The brushless quality motor makes the massage more stable to realize deep massage. The different massage head attachments accompanied by different modes with its chic design make you enjoy much more!

    Patented smart light system

    The patented smart light system definitely shows the sense of science and technology, creating an amazing atmosphere especially in a dim or dark environment. It has 3 attractive points:

    1. The standby mode light indication: when the massage gun is at sleeping standby mode, it shows weak light; when the massage gun is held in hand and moves at active standby mode, it shows strong light.

    2. The vibration speed light indication: level 1 for light blue, level 2 for purple, level 3 for orange, and level 4 for blue.

    3. The battery level light indication: 0-10% for red, 11-40% for yellow, 41-99% for green, 100% for white.


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  • Professional Massager
    • Fashionable design
    • 4 pcs of different massage heads 
    • Massage intensity is adjustable 
    • Heat function 

    Power: 20W
    Input: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
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  • Massage Roller
    Material: PP, NBR (handle)
    • Helps relieve and and ease nervous tension especially on the feet
    • Increases blood circulation and stimulates the body's immune system
    • Arch shaped design stimulates pressure points on feet
    • Light-weight, sturdy and small
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  • 3D Scalp Head & Body Massager

    Armona Electric 3D Vibrating Scalp Head & Body Massager is designed to realize full body massage by its multi-functional modes with hot compress function and simulating Shiatsu massage which helps you to relieve fatigue, muscle soreness, and stiffness and finally to help you build a healthy life. The head and body massager is with 84 touch points 4 massager & 84 tentacles and 360° whole area deep shiatsu to realize 4 massage modes: Soft Clockwise Shiatsu Massage, Quick Clockwise Shiatsu Massage, Soft Shiatsu Counterclockwise Massage, and Quick Shiatsu Counterclockwise Massage. The massager can be used to massage on many parts of the body, such as on the head, shoulder, arm, lumbar, leg and so on, because it is designed based on Ergonomics that makes the massager very fit to the body curve and suitable for any people. Most of importantly, the massager also can be used for both dry and wet so that it does not only massage your scalp and head, but also wash your hair, and skins with its soft brush accessories and environment and skin friendly materials! The massager is portable and charged by USB-C charging port, and you can use it cordless which makes it convenient to carry and use anywhere and anytime, so it is not only for household use, but for many situation use. The massager adopts low noise technology which enables you or other people

    • This product is an electric head and body massager with 10 minutes of intelligent working time to help you have a scientific massage time and away from excessive massage which can hurt muscles
    • Material: The head and body massager uses ABS+Silicone which is environment and skin friendly
    • Battery: 1200mAh which keeps the head and body massager running even for a long time
    • Size: 4.3"x 4.3" x 5.5" , and the size is so compact which makes it easy to hold and carry. Net weight: 0.4KG/0.9Ibs, very light to carry

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  • Electric Massage Chair
    This electric massage chair can effectively relieve the pressure and relax your body. Make massage concurrently on neck, back, waist and buttocks by the modes of kneading, pushing, tapping, the massage rhythm is different and makes your enjoy the pleasure of massage at any time, its simple operation, its strength can be regulated according individual favorite to meet the varied requirements of people, promotes blood circulation, eliminates fatigue promptly.

    Back Regulator:
    1. Maximum angles to be regulated is 145 degree.
    2. The regulator set at the left foot rest is used to regulate any required angles and loosen the knob.

    Weight: 25Kg
    Dimensions: 55*90*105cm
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    • Beautiful and practical design: 180 ° C folding design, easy to carry along.
    • Easy to use: Voice prompt, LCD screen
    • Product details: Nano silicone material, adjustable strap length, corrosion and fall resistant material.
    • Power capacity: 1650mAh
    • Charging voltage: 5V/1A
    • Size: 21 x 8.5 x 3 cm
    • Working time: approx. 2 to 3 hours per charge

    Pulse massage: 5 modes

    • Automatic mode (air compress + vibration + music): Relieves eye fatigue
    • Vitality mode (air pressure+vibration+hot compress+music): Revitalize the vitality of eyes
    • Eye-Clear mode (hot compress + music): daily eye relaxation
    • Dynamic mode (hot compress + vibration): Restore the elasticity of the eyes
    • Sleep mode (air compression): Release the pressure before sleeping


    • Constant hot compress by large surface area: A large surface area with constant hot compress and uniform heating of 42 ° C, which is as comfortable as a warm towel and completely relaxes the eye muscles and eliminates eye fatigue and puffy eyes.
    • 3D Finger-like Acupuncture Massage: Hi5 BlackTech simulates a finger-like massage for the eyes with fantastic effect. The theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that fatigue comes to the eyes first and the power in the body converges in the eyes, so the eyes are prone to fatigue and people need to protect their eyes.
    • High frequency vibration massage with 3 airbag layers: The 3 airbag layers provide cyclic air compression and perfectly fit the eye curve. The air compression has two modes: Dynamic, and Smart Air Compression, which effectively reduces puffy eyes and revitalizes elasticity.
    • Music playback function: enjoy the pre-programmed relaxing music during the massage.
    • 15 minutes timer: Automatic power off function, which means that the device will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of work. Excessive massage is harmful and too short massage has no effect.
    • Ultra long runtime: Selected quality and large capacity battery. Besides, it is equipped with USB-C charging port, which allows you to use it anytime and anywhere, extremely compact and portable.


    BlackTech's multifunctional Bluetooth eye massager greatly helps us to improve blood circulation in the eye area, relax fascia and relieve pain and fatigue by simulating finger-like massage, constant hot compress, air compression as well as multi-mode massage with high frequency vibration. Its small and chic design with long run time also allows you to use it anytime and anywhere.

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    • 4 Point Fit & Ergonomic Design: Fit the neck in all directions, comfortable to wear and more satisfying; Ergonomic Design conforms to the curve of the human neck.
    • Infrared Light Heating: Around 107.3 ℉Constant Temperature for Muscle Tension Relaxation
    • Heating Temperance: From 100.4 ℉ to 107.3 ℉
    • Light Weight Design: Small and light, convenient and easy to carry
    • Product Details: Stainless steel electorate sheet, 3D Circular elastic arm and Micro-Surface Design
    • Color Options: Pearl White
    • Size: 14.2x 14.5 x 4.5cm
    • Accessories: USB-C Charging Port Convenient and Quick Charging

    Key Features:
    • Pulse Massage: 5 Pulse Modes including Tapping, Scraping, Acupuncture, Kneading and Free Combination
    • 16 Levels of Intensity Adjustment: Level 1-5 Comfortable for Neck Relaxation; Level 6-10 Moderate for Relieving Soreness; Level 11-16 Stimulus for Deep Massage.
    • Working Duration Time: 15 minutes timer
    • Quick Charging, Ultra-long Run Time: 1.5 Hours Charge & 1200mAh Lithium Battery


    K3 Intelligent 4 point fit Neck Massager adopts with human body cervical physiological curvature of the popular type circular design. Using low-frequency pulse, infrared light heating, U-Shaped Design, Ergonomic design and 3D intelligent bonding technology to form a composite energy field to achieve tetras health care and fit the neck in all directions, comfortable to wear and more satisfying. During the working process, maintaining the correct physiological position to provide healthy and cosy therapy for the cervical spine. With Neck Massager, you can enjoy a more valuable, relaxed and happy multifunctional health care system at any time and anywhere.  

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