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  • Professional Stethoscope Alcascope
    - Superior Acoustics
    - Tunable diaphragm
    - Handcrafted solid stainless steel or Zinic Alloy Chestpiece
    - Two-Tubes-in-One-Design
    - Soft-Sealing Eartips

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  • Stethoscope Infant and Neonatal MDF
    The Infant&Neonatal Stethoscope is specifically handcrafted for infant and newborn patients. It delivers accurate auscultation of heart, lung and Korotkoff sounds with acoustic integrity and clarity. An ergonomic design ensures comfort for the doctor and patient, even during extended use. Precisely handcrafted, the Deluxe Infant and Neonatal Stethoscope is the standard in auditory diagnostics with unmatched performance and durability. 

    The handcrafted lightweight infant and neonatal dualhead chestpiece, fitted with a unique raised ultra-thin fiber diaphragm and full-rotation acoustic valve stem, is constructed of quality chrom-plated brass. The deep, cone-shaped infant bell, crowned with a non-chill  bell ring, provides greater sound amplification, isolation of low frequencies, and patient comfort.  

    Soft silicone eartips are phthalate-free anc clear for hygienic purposes. They come in two sizes to seal out extraneous noise while ensuring comfort during extended use. 

    Hand polished, pre-angled stainless steel headset features a patented internal dual-leaf spring construction for durability industry in user safety. Patented SafetyLock eartip adaptors lead the industry in user safety. 

    Constructed of thicker, denser, latex-free PVC, the Y-configuration non-stick acoutsic tubing provides insulation for superior sound transmission and seals out ambient noise while preventing the cracking and wearing that can occur from repeated use.  The longer-than-average length allows a comfortable space between health professional and patient. 

    A patented internal metal-alloy chamber located in the acoustic tubing below the spring keeps the tubing channel open for maximum sound transmission into headset. 

    Included Accessories: 
    2 extra sets ComfortSeal eartips, spare ultrasensitive diaphragm, and ID tag. 


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