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  • Yoga Brick
    Material: EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (inner)
                 Nylon (Cover)
    Size: 30cm x 20cm x 15cm
    Weight: 220g 
    Color: Black 

    weight is less than 0.5kg
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  • Wrist Ankle Weight 2.5KG*2
    • Ideal for jogging, aerobic classes or toning exercises 
    • 2.5 kg*2 pieces: neoprene fabric with Velcro straps
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  • Pedal Exercise Foldable With Pedometer

    The easy and portable way to work out

    • Stimulates blood circulation and increases muscle strength
    • Built-in computer with LCD measures time, revolutions (reps), reps/minute and calories burned.
    • Folds compact – easy to store under a bed or chair
    • 2-in-1: use to exercise your legs or your arms!
    • Tool-free setup

    For exercising Legs & Arms. Built-in computer with LCD measures time, revolutions (reps), reps/minute and calories burned. Folds compact – easy to store under a bed or chair

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  • Balance Board without Tubes
    Size: 16" 

    Balance Board with or without resistance tubing, which helps stabilizing your body allowing you to get a complete workout. Massage points provide relaxing stimulation and traction for your feet. It is portable excellent for home, office or to be used in the gym.
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  • Nose Protective Mask

      It is used before/after nose surgery (Rino Plasti operation), nose injuries or zygamatic (cheekbone) fractures.

      It can be used to avoid any impact in sports activities that do not use a helmet.

      This product is used with the advice of a doctor.

      This product cannot be used other than its intended use, cannot be combined with any other product, and is used only for its original indications.


      Make sure the product fits your size.

      Put the product on your nose and cheeks and fix it with Velcro fasteners.

      There are special pad supports on the forehead and cheeks.

      It does not create a visual barrier.

      It can be adjusted easily thanks to its elastic bands.

      The product is made of acrylic material.

      Note : Average human head circumference is 22-24 inches   is calculated.

      [Small 22-22.5] [Medium 23-23.5] [Large 24-24.5]

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  • Highballer Twin Massage Balls

    HighBaller is the only twin-ball massager with width adjustable, angled massage balls used for self-myofascial release (SMR) to loosen up stiff and tight muscles.

    The adjustability allows HighBaller to be used anywhere on the body in a way no other self-massage tool is able to. HighBaller has an immediate pain-relieving effect by quieting down pain receptors and in the long term will help release stiff and tight muscles to make your everyday life enjoyable again. The balls are firm. Some users experience discomfort when lying down on the angled balls. It's not necessary to roll the balls on your back. Use direct pressure for trigger point release!

    Why HighBaller?

    · Opens tight muscles and adnate tissues

    · Improves mobility and flexibility to allow correct joint and postural alignment

    · Boosts muscle metabolism and reduces edema

    · Helps to prevent injuries and relieves pain

    How to use HighBaller:

    Follow the trigger point map to locate your pain area. Red glowing areas show pain points where the HighBaller will be used. The full trigger point map will be included with the product.

    The stand of HighBaller is imprinted with numbers 1-5, allowing you to always place the massaging balls in the same positions for optimum use. Once the balls are in your preferred position and width, use the removable locking pins to lock the balls in place. Pins rotate in their slots from a ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’ position. You will know the pin is locked when it no longer rotates freely. To remove the balls from their mounted points, rotate pin to unlock position and remove by sliding it out. To remove the balls from the stand entirely, place the hole in the end of the locking pins over the plastic tabs at the top of the balls. Align hole with tabs, press down, and feel the balls click and unlock. You can then remove the balls.

    NEW HighBaller Gel Wall Mount Now Included:

    Thousands of people have used HighBaller to find comfort and improve their performance. And now, we've designed a way to make it even better, faster and more enjoyable. HighBaller now comes with a reusable wall mount so you can mount your HighBaller to any wall and apply just the amount of pressure needed. You can mount it to any wall and can move it to different locations for a hands-free massage.

    · Mount to wall to contact hard - to - reach areas of the body

    · Perfect way to hit tight spots in upper and lower back, shoulders and neck

    · Apply the perfect amount of pressure to sooth painful muscles

    · Prevent injury and perform better by performing massages anywhere, anytime

    · Reusable

    · Washable

    · Non-marring

    · Provides upgraded use for your HighBaller


    1) Remove plastic. Stick the gel pad to the base of the HighBaller 2) Remove the second piece of plastic and stick it to your wall of preference. 3) Make sure the adjustable pins on the HighBaller are facing upwards for proper placement 4) Enjoy your massage! Target your neck and back muscles for a deep tissue, hands-free experience. 5) When removing from the wall, pull from the top of the base slowly. 6) Re-apply the plastic pieces to both sides of the gel pad to safely store for later use.

    Product Information:

    HighBaller has two massage balls that rotate on top of a width adjustable stand. The stand makes HighBaller comfortable to use and keeps the massage balls in the correct place. The underside of the stand is made from non-slip material to keep the stand stationary.

    · Comes fully assembled

    · Specs: 10" X 4", Weight 2 lbs


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  • Double Exercise Wheel
    Material: PP, EVA, PVC, Foam
    Diameter: 14.5cm

    Double the wheels, Double the Stability!

    The Double Abdominal Wheels provide maximum stability and manoeuvrability when performing rolling exercises which are great for shaping and toning your abs and core muscles.

    • Conveniently fits in a gym bag
    • Non-slip, foam-grip handles for greater comfort
    • Wheel Diameter: 14.5cm

    The wheels allow for a multitude of abdominal muscle toning and strengthening exercises which also work the shoulders and forearms. It's compact size means it easily fits into a gym bag or can be disassembled down into basic parts with ease. The handles are contoured foam providing a non-slip and comfortable grip.

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  • Exercise Pulley Set

    Ideal for home rehabilitation to help restore shoulder, arm, or upper torso mobility.

    Kit includes: 

    • Over door traction set (Attaches securely to most doors)
    • 2 Metal pulleys 
    • 2 Plastic universal hand grips 
    • Traction cord 
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  • AB-Trimmer
    Material: PVC, PU
    Size: 70(L) x 40(W) x 8(H) cm 
    Color: Green
    • Tone and sculpt your core muscles with easy-to-use crunch tool
    • Sturdy, ergonomic design will help eliminate back and neck strain often associated with crunches 
    • Made of durable steel construction with a cushioned headrest support 
    • Assembles in just minutes
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  • Hightrainer Foam Balls

    HighTrainer: Adjustable Massage, Exercise, Stretch, Recovery tool for Neck, Shoulder, Back, Arms


    About the Product:

    · Exercise resistance band with width adjustable twin massage balls and unique locking system that allows it to be attached to a chair or a door. Easy to carry and use in different locations.

    · Includes over 100 different exercises and dynamic stretching to strengthen muscle, build core strength and enhance performance. Also can be used for trigger point and myofascial massaging of the neck, shoulders, back, and arms

    · Lightweight portability allows it to be used anywhere, including home, hotel, office, gym or even car and saves you valuable time. Adjustable width of massage balls allows user to transform its shape to fit unique spaces and directly contact different muscles.

    · Use for dynamic stretching to improve mobility, increase blood circulation, warm up before a heavy workout or even enhance coordination/balance training.

    · Includes best features of the HighBaller, in a lightweight and portable form made with high impact and durable materials guaranteed to enhance your journey to peak performance




    HighTrainer is the newest product developed by HighRoller Finland in their line of lifestyle and fitness products. It’s multi-functionality means it can be used for massage, stretching and exercise. It’s lightweight and portable, meaning you can do it all, anywhere and anytime.




    Your body needs to be ready for anything: whether it’s a long day at work, a long workout, or a long game playing your favorite sport. A few 5-minute sessions a week with HighTrainer is enough to keep you going and help you recover faster.



    Hightrainer can be used for trigger point massage while working, traveling or even driving a car. Its unique locking system allows you to attach the product to a chair or a car seat. You can even adjust the width of the balls to fit exactly your body and muscles. Save valuable time and massage your muscles while working or driving. Savor the long-term benefits of HighTrainer by releasing your stiff, tight muscles to make everyday life easy and more enjoyable.






    Workout anytime, anywhere with HighTrainer. It’s easy to carry and easy to use in different locations. Spend less time in a busy gym and more time working out in the office or in your own living room. Safely attach HighTrainer’s exercise band to any door and do all the same movements and more than with a normal exercise band.



    Dynamic stretching is useful for improving mobility, warming up before a heavy workout, or coordination/balance training. It’s also great for improving blood circulation after periods of rest or immobility. To really feel the benefits of daily stretching, try doing short series of stretches for your target areas daily.


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  • Sit-Up Bar
    • Sit-Up bar helps build stomach muscles for a flatter, slimmer look.
    • The heavy-duty foot bar exercise equipment adjusts to 3 different positions
    • The rubber-padded clamp in sit-up bar protects door
    • The sit-up bar is portable for a work out anytime, anywhere
    • The sit-up bar exercise workouts strengthens and tones thighs, abs, gluts, and mid-section
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  • Push-Up Twister 3-Way
    Material: PP, TPR
    • Features an advance disco twister mechanism to twist your waist and strengthen thighs while doing push ups
    • The push-up bars are separable from the entire unit in case you just want to work out your shoulders
    • Enables rotating push ups alongside a regular exercise. 
    • Ergonomically designed to meet modern day gymming requirements
    • Can be used by men, women and children 
    • Compact and portable device
    • Works on a non slip mechanism
    • Shapes your entire body
    • Comes in one universal size
    • Grooved handles for a firm grip
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  • Arm Trainer Adjustable
    Material: PP, ABS, Iron 
    Spring: 2.3mm

    Ideal for the development of the back and chest through spring-resistance training 
    Tension-adj. is suitable for every level of users
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  • Stretcher
    Material: PP
    Color: Blue 

    Calf Stretchers are devices that isolate the calf muscles to achieve a complete stretch, especially the muscles attached to the Achilles tendon. With this Calf Stretcher you can rock your way to a firmer lower leg with enhanced flexibility and help prevent injuries. As the lower leg is notoriously hard to target without specific exercises that isolate a particular area, calves begin to resist heavy exercise through everyday use. The lower leg is an essential area for running, walking, cycling and many other activities and so it's important to make sure this area is kept firm, strong and stretched out daily.

    • Strong Plastic Construction
    • Non Slip Contact Surface
    • Padded Underside
    • Easy to Use

    Stretching not only increases muscle flexibility, strength and balance however. It also helps prevent future injuries. The Calf Stretcher works out the whole of the lower leg stretching your calf muscles, ankles and Achilles tendons, so it's great for those of us who are extensively involved in activities such as swimming or running and need to keep our legs in prime condition.

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  • Highroller Gym Exercise

    HighRoller's adjustable elevation allows you to roll hard-to-reach muscle groups (adductors, IT bands, biceps, etc.). HighRoller is wider than conventional foam rollers to cover larger areas. With sturdy, adjustable legs, the HighRoller remains stationary during the massage and allows for more versatile use compared to a basic foam roller.

    Why HighRoller?

    · Based on massage techniques and dynamic flexibility training

    · Improves blood circulation, muscle metabolism and relaxes soft tissues

    · Correct rolling opens your adnate fascia and returns shortened muscles back to normal length

    · Improves flexibility, mobility and economy of movement

    · Decreases the risk of sprains, injuries and relieves chronic pain

    Product Features:

    · Three different settings: High, low and angled

    · Removable stands

    · Each short plastic legs has grip on the bottom surface

    · Measurements: H 42,5 cm (1ft 4,73in), W 54cm (1ft 9,25in)

    · Weight: 2,6kg (5lb,12oz)

    · Weight limit: 120kg (265lb)


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  • Balance Step
    Balance Step is a versatile stability training product, it offers a variety of dynamic balance and agility drills, it essentially a platform used to perform basic exercises. You can stand, kneel and lay down on it. Using it for stretch and develop sensory feedback systems sharp. Improved posture & functional movement experiences. Enhanced coordination, balance & neuromuscular function. 
    Dimensions: 590*590* 220-260mm(height)
    -Hand pump included 
    -Exercise pump included
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  • EVA Foam Roller
    Material: EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
    Size: 6"(diameter) x 36" 
    Color: Blue

    The longest lasting roller used in gyms, studios and training facilities. 
    The size is ideal for Pilates, full body rolling and spin and shoulder alignment.
    Vinyl covered EVA roller is ideal for for great volume gyms where multiple people are using the roller. The vinyl easily wipes clean as to eliminate the spread of germs and sweat and protects the roller from nicks, cuts, scrapes, and dirt. 
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  • Pedometer Omron

    Omron Walking Style One 2.1 Pedometer

    • Advanced 3 dimensional sensor for accurate results
    • Can be carried in your pocket in a bag or on your belt
    • Features an aerobic mode for sustained periods of walking
    • Calculates calories burned per day
    • Displays distance travelled per day in miles or kilometres
    • 7 Day memory

    Make every step count!
    Tracking your steps just became easier. The Walking style One 2.1 is just 3,8 mm thin and is made to be worn on the hip, carried in your pocket or even in a bag to count your weekly walking activity. The 3-dimensional electronic sensor technology guarantees you OMRON's most accurate way of measurement. Reach for a goal of 10.000 steps a day and monitor your progress!

    Did you know it is recommended that you should take at least 10,000 steps each and every day to stay healthy and help to prevent against a variety of health conditions? Do you know how many you take?

    The Walking Style One 2.1 allows you to see instantly how many steps you have taken each day and therefore how much exercise you are getting on a daily basis. The number of steps you take is converted into total distanced traveled in kilometres or miles. It also tells you how many calories you have burned off each day, giving you a push to walk a bit further and burn off more calories.

    It is not always easy to find the motivation to get up and exercise, but a pedometer motivates you to incorporate exercise into every aspect of your life, by encouraging you to take the stairs instead of the lift, to walk rather than to drive or to go for a stroll to achieve your daily step goal. With a bit of encouragement, you will soon see the steps adding up.

    Burn those calories
    The Walking Style One 2.1 calculates how many calories you have burned off each day, giving you that little extra push to walk that bit further, rack up more steps and burn off more calories. You will see the results in no time

    Monitor your progress
    The seven-day memory allows you to review your weekly activity and calculate how many steps you have racked up over the week just by flicking through the previous days results.

    Easy and convenient to use
    The Walking Style One 2.1 comes with a handy belt clip, but you don't have to attached it to your waistband, you can carry it in your pocket or anywhere else that is comfortable to clip it to. It is small and discreet enough to take with you wherever you go.

    It is simple to use. Just programme in your stride length (average stride from the back of your heel at the front to the top of your big toe on the rear foot) and you are ready to go. There is a clock so you can time your walks.

    3D sensor for accurate results
    Omron's 3D sensor technology means that this device measures the intensity and frequency of steps taken with the higher accuracy regardless of where it is attached.

    What is in the box?

    • Walking Style One 2.1
    • Belt clip
    • 3 V Lithium Battery type CR2032
    • Screwdriver
    • Instruction Manual 
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  • Alarm Clock Uriflex
    Vibrating Alarm Clock with up to 7 vibration alarms per day is USB rechargeable and lightweight (20g). The alarm does not sound, it is only vibrating. Dimensions: 255 mm (length) x 16 mm (width) x 92 mm (case height). The brightness is not adjustable. The watch is not waterproof.

    Product description

    The vibration clock works with a rechargeable battery that is easy to charge via a USB port (USB adapter included). The vibration watch for children incontinence is charged within one hour and then lasts at least 2 weeks. Of course, the battery runs out faster when the vibration alarm is used intensively.

    The watch with vibration alarm clock is modern and hip and has a silicone strap. This contains no plasticisers. The band actually fits around any wrist. If an additional hole is needed, this can be easily made. Is the medication reminder watch intended for someone with a very narrow wrist? We recommend you cut out a piece of the tape on the side of the fastener. Then simply make a hole where the locking element is re-attached. So the reminder alarm clock fits around a very narrow wrist in case of day incontinence.

    Key Features
    7 vibration alarm moments per day.
    The tablet reminder watch fits a wrist circumference from 14 cm.
    The settings can be easily adjusted manually or via the computer, but cannot be easily changed by children playing with the buttons. This keeps the watch with vibration reliable for the intended target.
    In addition to the time and the 7 alarm moments, this watch also offers the date, a 24-hour pedometer and a calorie counter.
    Easy to charge, no need to change batteries!
    Includes Dutch instructions
    Not (splash) waterproof.

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