Stockings & arm sleeves compression

For the well-being of your legs, graduated compression hosiery can be chosen to aid the prevention of pathologies of venous origin or, in lesser degrees of compression, for people who are conscious about their leg health. This might be somebody who spends a lot of time on their feet or who has to remain sitting for many hours; it might also be somebody who does a lot of sport since the stocking enables the faster functional recovery of blood circulation, thus preventing the formation of varicose veins, heaviness or swelling in the legs.

Pantyhose, knee high legwear, hold-ups and anti-embolism legwear contribute to the concept of graduated compression. It is the compression that elastic stockings exert on the vein walls. To accommodate the physiological structure of the venous system in the legs, an elastic stocking that provides "decreasing graduated compression" has been created. This guarantees a smoother blood flow by decreasing leg compression from the bottom up. As such, the wearer has a higher degree of compression at the ankle and this then progressively decreases towards, the knee, facilitating the return of blood to the heart. Anti-embolism hosiery will prevent the increase of blood viscosity, which can result in the formation of blood clots. Hence provide valuable aid to the prevention of surgery-associated thromboembolism, treatments related to post-traumatic therapy, as well as hydrostatic edema, contusions and distortions.