Rehab and Exercise

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  • Kinetic Prima Advance Knee CPM Machine
    • ACL reconstructions
    • Total knee replacements
    • Total hip replacements
    • Sports injuries Synovectomies
    • Open meniscectomies
    • Lysis of adhesions
    • Release of extra-articular contractions
    • ORIF of intra-articular fractures
    • Supracondylar fractures
    • Cup arthroplasty
    • Manual ROM adjustment
    • 25cm carriage width
    • 150kg patient load
    • Weight:    29 lb (13 kg)
    • Length    39” (99 cm)
    • Width    13” (33 cm)
    • Sizing    Adult 
    • Femur 13-18” (33-46 cm) Tibia: 15-22” (38-56 cm) Total: 28-40” (71-102 cm)    
    • Pediatric
    • Femur: 8-1/4-13” (21-33 cm) 
    • Tibia: 10-5/8-14-1/2” (27-37 cm) Total: 18-7/8-27-1/2” (48-70 cm)
    • Range of Motion    Knee: -5 degrees to 115 degrees
    • Ankle: 40 degrees plantar flexion 30 degrees dorsiflexion 30 degrees internal/external rotation
    • Pause    0 to 15 minutes in flexion and/or extension
    • Speed    Max 140 degrees/minute at average limb length 
    • Min 30 degrees/minute at average limb length
    • Force    Flexion: 39.6 lb (18 kg) (min.) to 83.6 lb (38 kg) (max.) Extension: 22 lb (10 kg) (min.) to 44 lb (20 kg) (max.)
    • Benefits
    • Waterproof hand control    UL listed for hospital use
    • New leg carriage design    Designed for semi-anatomical motion
    • Screw-drive transmission    Reliable, quiet motion
    • Programmable muscle stim capability    Versatile
    • Built-in therapy 
    • timer    Easy programmable length of therapy
    • 24-month limited warranty    Easy care and maintenance
    • Adult and pediatric capabilities
  • Kinetic Centura Shoulder CPM Machine
    The ideal choice for hospital and home shoulder rehabilitation. The Kinetec Centura features a natural, anatomical motion that increases patient compliance and decreases joint stress. The post-operative passive range of motion helps prevent joint stiffness, edema, soft tissue contractures and muscle atrophy. The scapula plane movement increases patient comfort in abduction. Adjustable speeds and manual set-up mode provide precise, custom therapy options.
  • Kinesio Tape
    • Core properties remain for all Kinesio Taping® specifications•    
    • Brings Nano-touch™ stimulation to epidermis and layers beneath
    • Mimics gentle human touch yet provides a more effective hold
    • Micro-grip™ deep set adhesive manufacturing process provides better grip and hold with less adhesive surface area
    • Higher grade cotton with more breathability
    • Features a new protected weave process for improved comfort
    • Hypoallergenic and latex free for all patient populations
    • Exclusively available to medical care professionals
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  • Hand Dynamometer Hydraulic
    The 200 pound standard head Baseline hand dynamometer has become a popular tool used by therapists all across the world. The standard 2 1/2” diameter head is used throughout the industry and is our most popular size.
    This Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer gives accurate grip strenght readings without the subject being able to "feel" the handle move.

    The hand dynamometer's handle is adjustable with five positions to accommodate any hand size.

    Indicator remains at maximum reading until rest. 
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